New Fancy Book! 2-Story Comic Combo!

The Static Revolter bounces in armchairs shouting Revolución! The Static Revolter has big eyes! Big hair! Big experimental ideas about science! The Static Revolter dances by the speaker sans earplugs! The Static Revolter lives in your hair and throws tiny bolts of lightning! The Static Revolter tells stories of sugar addicts and teetotallers from outerspace!

The Static Revolter is coming to the 2010 Alternative Press Fair at St Aloysius Social Club, 20 Phoenix Road, London, NW1 1TA, near Euston tube station this Saturday the 13th of February! Screenprinting how-to! Live drawing! Open-mic-rawking! Comic-zine carnival! Noon til midnight! Free entry! 13th!! Coming!!!

More tea! / More sugar!