Collablogrative strip #1

'Butcher Blog Collabo Special' coming any day soon! 1 panel me then 1 panel Kevin and so on. Can't promise a new panel everyday or even everyweek- just as quick as we do, dig?


Read More Comics!

This is a sign i did for the pool-table we shared with Alternative Press at the previously mentioned and enjoyable 'Handmade & Bound'. They've organised a 'zine-friendly' evening for this Thursday- with Tea & cake involved! See link above.


Handmade & Bound 2009

Hurk had a nice spread at Handmade & Bound.


Black Robots Launches This Sunday!

Book #1 in The Fancy Butcher's 'Pork Scratchings' series is my 'Black Robots' picture book. Completely handmade, it features a dozen automatons printed on different stocks within a sturdy card cover and comes with a special private member's badge (or 'pin', or even 'button').
A limited number of copies will be available at HANDMADE & BOUND this Sunday in Euston (London!) where we will be sharing a POOL TABLE with a selection of great comics-orientated folk.
We will also have the last of Kevin's Sharp note and flat note books and a few other older bits and pieces too- you should come along and check it out but remember- it's a zine/poetry/artbook type event, more than a comics thing so DON'T come dressed as The Mighty Thor unless you ARE The Mighty Thor, sent down from Asgard by Odin to grab some good zines/poetry/artbooks ...and comics!


Sneaky Preview

A quick glimpse of my picture-book 'Black Robots(Volume 1)'.
This is the first one produced and will it be available in the amazing Fancy Butcher shop soon?
Maybe...just maybe!


Pork Scratchings

This is a 'possible' logo for The Fancy butcher's forthcoming and ongoing series of picture books and whatnot called 'Pork scratchings' which your peckish eyeballs will love to crunch up- for Christ's ears' sakes!


Jam on Cardboard #2 part 1

Hurk sent me this on cardboard a while ago. I forgot to take a photo first, so I've photoshopped my addition out so you can see the nightmare as I received it.


New stock!

These two books were made years ago during a phase I was going through as The Rubbish Composer . They are A6 sized booklets of collected fingerprint drawings, signed and numbered in a limited edition of 25. They were sold exclusively through (the lovely) bookartbookshop in London- until now! There are only a few left, but you can now pick up yours in the butcher shop.