Fancy Promo

My first attempt to advertise our existence. The shop would look a lot fancier with some fancy visitors!




Cartridge-Paper Jam #1

Another 'Remote jam'- stage 1 (ink and wash on heavy cartridge paper) sent to me by Kevin. Nearly finished my bit- he'll post that when he gets it. Safe!


Fancy Prints

We've got some lovely art prints in the shop: Hurk's "Robot Parade" and "The Collector" by yours truly. Rich colours, bright, soft paper... and only 7 editions of each!

If you ever wondered what people are on about when they throw around fancy words like "giclée", there's some info here:
from the Fine Art Trade Guild (UK)
and Wikipedia (if you believe random strangers) 

Jam on Cardboard #1

Here is 'Stage 1' of a collaborative jam on cardboard called 'Time Travellers' i recieved in the post from Kevin. I added some pencils of what i'm about to do, (the pencilled mammal-rider is Mr Ward's too) who knows what'll happen next! Stay tuned for more- as and when.


'Allo (Cyborg) Sailor!

I just made a 'double-layer painting' of a pipe-smoking cyborg sailor stearing his iron ship through the waves. Like this:
A: Small box-frame with 3"x3" actual picture size
B: Sea-going craft drawn onto inside of glass with permanent ink
C: Blue acrylic paint and metallic enamel paint over the line-work on inside of glass
D: Cyborg sailor drawn in ink and water-colour on heavy paper (3"x3")
E: Re-assemble frame with sailor inside
F: Mum! I've finished!


Setting Up Shop

Ah, so you found our little etsy shop, eh? Hurk and I are busy getting our collective papers in order in the (imaginary) office out back.  We should have a couple more things in the shop this weekend and then we'll be able to spread the Fancy word! In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at a promotional poster I'm working on.